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BrambleBerry Tours and HoustonPhotowalks are excited to offer this amazing trip to members of the Photography Community. Here’s more information about us.

About BrambleBerry Tours

Brambleberry Tours was started by two passionate photographer friends, Taha and Steve, who have made it their eternal quest to share and contribute to the world of photography, and help others make memories through photography. Journey with them to visit beautiful lands and spectacular wildlife, where they will help you develop an admiration of the deep beauty and culture of these lands. We strive to help enhance your understanding of photography, lighting, and wildlife, through our photographic safaris. In the past year, they have welcomed Debi who brings the same passion to the company.

Brambleberry Tours specializes in small group photo safaris, so that you can experience it all with the benefit of 1-on-1 guidance, personalized service, and flexibility on your tour.

About HoustonPhotowalks

HoustonPhotowalks is a vibrant photography community that offers a unique blend of social and educational opportunities for photographers of all levels. Based in Houston, the club organizes regular photowalks that allow members to explore the city’s diverse landscapes, capture its dynamic energy, and hone their photography skills. 

HoustonPhotowalks prides itself on fostering a supportive environment where both amateur and professional photographers can develop their craft. With an emphasis on learning and sharing, HoustonPhotowalks is more than just a photography club—it’s a community where passions are nurtured, friendships are formed, and the beauty of photography is celebrated together. 

About TahaRaja

Taha Raja is an avid outdoor photographer, teacher, traveler and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Tanzania, he now resides in Houston, Texas. His combination of travel and photography brought him to start this venture so that he may share with other photographers his love and passion for his home country and continent. These tours are a way for him to accomplish both his own photography interest while sharing them with others who want to explore African Safaris.

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About Joe Lippeatt

Joe Lippeatt is a life-long Canon shooter, starting with the AE-1. He enjoys shooting interesting subjects and using unusual cameras and techniques.  Since 2009, Joe has organized and led more than 700 photography events, classes, tours and travel experiences.   If you have a question, feel free to ask Joe, if he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll help you find someone that does! Joe runs a Marketing-focused IT company called 24Moves.com.

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